Tuition & Scholarship

Tuition Charges:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (BAM):

     $345 per unit ($4,140/semester) / Total Cost: (120 Units x $345 = $41,400)

  • Master of Arts in Contemporary Music Performance (MACMP):

     $390 per unit ($3,510/semester) / Total Cost: (45 Units x $390 = $17,550)

  • Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA):

     $690 per unit ($6,210/semester) / Total Cost: (60 Units x $690 = $41,400) 


Application Fee (non-refundable) $100

Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) $100

Registration Fee (non-refundable) $100

Student Activity & Association Fee (non-refundable) $30

Readmission Fee (non-refundable) $100

Tuition Installation Fee (non-refundable) $35

Add/Drop Fee (non-refundable) $10 per change

Return Check/Denied Credit Card Fee (non-refundable) $35

International Student Service Fee (non-refundable) $300

I-20 Re-Issue Fee (non-refundable) $50

I-20 Extension Fee (non-refundable) $100

Shipping Fee – Domestic (non-refundable) $15 per course

Shipping Fee – International (non-refundable) $30 per course

Express Shipping Fee – Domestic (non-refundable) $40 per course

Express Shipping Fee – International (non-refundable) $50 per course

Individual Instruction Fee – Music Students (non-refundable) $50 per hour

Graduation Fee (non-refundable) $450

Student ID Card (non-refundable) $10

Student ID Card Replacement Fee (non-refundable) $25

Transcript/Certificate (non-refundable) $10 per copy

Transcript Express Mailing Fee (non-refundable) $20

Transcript Mailing Fee (non-refundable) $5

English Translation Services for lectures and lessons (non-refundable) $50 per hour

Individual Instruction Fee (non-refundable) $700 per semester

STRF fees (non-refundable) as $2.50 for every $1,000

Refund Policy

Cancellation is effective on the date written notice of cancellation is sent. A refund will be made within 30 days after the effective date. Fees (registration, materials, STRF, and activities) are nonrefundable. The student will not get a refund after more than 60% of the instruction has been presented. For students who have completed 60% or less of the instruction period, the refund shall be on a pro rata basis. The exact amount of prorated refund will be based on the formula listed below. The following table provides the estimated amount of refund at each point of withdrawal:


For example: if a student withdraws a course after 18 hours out of 45 hours (3 credits x 15 weeks) and its tuition is $750, the refund will be: $750 – $750 x 18/45 credit hours = $450. Students may complete the withdrawal procedure by submitting a signed add/drop card to the Office of the Registrar to be eligible for a refund. NOTE: Students must follow the withdrawal procedure to be officially withdrawn from a course. Failure to do so could result in the student being charged and receiving a failing grade in the class. The student will not get a refund after more than 60% of the instruction has been presented.


California Arts University offers a number of scholarships to help qualified students meet the financial requirements of attending the University. Prospect and current California Arts University students are encouraged to submit an application for the Cal Arts Scholarships. Every semester, California Arts University awards scholarships to worthy, qualified students. The total scholarship amount cannot exceed the student’s total amount of tuition. The recipients will receive the credit for the amount of the scholarship toward their tuition (Detailed information on scholarship aid is available at the school office, or from the Dean of Student Affairs). 

Scholarship Committee 

The Scholarship Committee has the task of screening the awarding for scholarships. It is organized by these officials as followed: the President, the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Director of Admission. Most scholarships are awarded for once per semester only. The student must reapply each academic semester and indicate a desire to maintain the scholarship. However, in the cases in which the selected recipient happens to be graduating, then he or she will not be eligible to receive it, because scholarships are not paid in cash but in tuition fees. The CAU offers scholarships for spouses/family members, pastors/missionaries, pastor/missionary’s sons or daughters, and family members of the faculty and the staff. CAU also offers several scholarships to students based on need. Students who have been selected to receive multiple scholarships could only be awarded a scholarship complies with the decision of the Scholarship Committee. Many types of scholarships are available for students as follows: 

Academic Achievement Scholarship: Students who have academic achievement out of campus or in the social community will each receive a scholarship for their next semester. If a student’s GPA is not higher than 3.0 or the requirement of the Chapel attendance is not met, then the student is not eligible.

Financial Need Scholarship: Students who have financial needs are invited to obtain an application from the school office. They are to complete the application and submit it to the Student Dean. The Scholarship Committee will consider the applications for the following academic semester.

Designated Scholarship:  A church or organization may choose a student to support, or they may provide a scholarship for a particular type of student which will be announced when available.  Students should see the student dean to apply for a designated scholarship.