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How to apply to admission      

For admission, following documents are required. 

(* Original copy need it later. Copy acceptable for the initial evaluation.)

How to send your documents to us       
A. Use email
B. Use via mail

Where to send your documents
4100 W. commonwealth Avenue, #101, Fullerton, CA, 92833

If you have any questions send email or contact us. 
Tel: (213) 700-7575 / (714) 222-1110 / Fax: (714) 907-1511

Admission Application Requirements
Admission to our program is open to an individual who has earned a qualifying degree from an accredited institution. An applicant is expected to carefully review admission requirements outlined above. An applicant to the program at California Arts University is required to submit a completed application, application fee, and all official transcripts from institutions listed on the application.
• Transcripts should be delivered in their official, sealed envelopes. An official transcript can also be sent electronically directly from an institution.
• An application fee of $100 (non-refundable) must accompany each application.
Application materials submitted to the University become the property of the University and will not be returned to the applicant, irrespective of application outcome. Materials will be retained on secure file for one year from the time of application. Upon successful application, official transcripts, test scores, and acceptance letters will be kept in the Registrar’s Office.