Academic Calendar

The academic calendar consists of 16-week terms in fall and spring. In winter and summer 2- week intensive classes are offered. The specific beginning and ending dates defining the time period covered by the catalog are as follows:

2020 – 2021 Academic Year

 Fall 2020Winter 2021Spring 2021Summer 2021
Length16 weeks3 weeks16 weeks3 weeks
RegistrationAug 10-21  Dec 14 – Dec 18Jan 18 – Jan 29      Jul 12-23
Classes beginAug 24         Dec 21Feb 1Jul 26
Drop deadline Sep 4         Dec 22Feb 12Jun 27
Add deadline Sep 4         Dec 22Feb 12Jun 27
WithdrawalSep 25         Dec 24Mar 5Jul 30
FinalsDec 7          Jan 8May 17Aug 13
Classes end          Dec 11          Jan 8May 21Aug 13
Grades dueDec 18         Jan 15May 28Aug 20

Holidays (observed) are New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.